If you’re focusing on your health in 2019 {whether that means losing weight, getting more active or just eating healthier foods} there are some ways that you can prep now to get yourself ahead- and stay ahead of- your resolutions!

5 tips to prepare for success

1. Meal plan. It’s so easy to give into temptation when you don’t know what your next meal is. Whether you stop for fast food or dip into the kid’s food, you’re setting yourself up for failure by not thinking ahead. Every Sunday, fill out a meal planner and hit the store for everything you need for the week. This means you’re not scrambling to prepare something, and it also means that you have food at home that will go bad if you don’t eat it. That’s a huge incentive tostick to your plan!

2. Make it easy to work out. If you have a gym membership at a beautiful gym but it’s miles out of your way, you’re likely never going to go. Spme people actually prefer working out at home, using fitness DVDs or even websites that have workouts on them. You can find a lot of great ones out there for whatever you like to do. You can even find some for free on YouTube!

3. Get support. Getting healthy can feel like a very personal battle and that makes sense, because you’re the only one who can decide what you do. That said, telling a few close friends and family members can often help keep you motivated. How many times have you started a new diet & then gone out to dinner with friends and felt awkward because you knew your plan meant you should have the salad, but you didn’t want to cause a big thing? Having a few trusted loved ones who know ahead of time can make things easier in the long run, they may suggest a healthier restaurant the next time you go out, or they may split the lettuce wraps with you instead of the spinach and artichoke dip.

4. Drink water. Lots and lots of water. This is one that most people struggle with daily. Eating the right food and getting exercise are so important, but drinking enough water is equally important. Every system in your body is dependent on you drinking water and trying to make big changes with your body can be shocking to it. Make sure you’re adequately hydrating- especially if you’re beginning to exercise.

5. Don’t go anywhere without a snack. You could be sticking to your meal plan perfectly and enjoying lots of delicious, healthy food- but you don’t always know when hunger is going to strike. Make sure you always have a good choice of snack on hand. Plan these when you plan your week of meals.