This is a re-post of an article from Dec 2021. At the time some thought it was too controversial so I removed the post. Looking at it now, confirms that all the recommendations listed were accurate and could have saved many thousands of lives. If someone disagrees with the information, please just do your own research and you will find countless articles and research studies confirming what is said. I do not want anyone to take what I say as the definitive truth. I just want people take in all the information available and make informed decisions in regards to your and your families health. Also, I am a natural health doctor and functional medicine practitioner with over 30 years of experience, and NOT a Medical doctor. Any medical advice or prescription recommendations must be discussed with your Medical provider.


Fact vs Fiction, Truth vs Lies, Censorship!

There is so much misinformation out there and if you only listen to the mainstream media and health agencies you will NOT be getting accurate, useful information. You will be filled with propaganda designed to scare you! This has gone too far because life is short and we need to be free to spend time with family and enjoy life without being scared. I did not get to see my mother before she passed and have not seen my family in almost 2 years because of it. It DID NOT have to be this way and I am sick of it! All of the studies that have come out indicate that there is very useful treatment that has been shown to have close to 100% success at eliminating deaths, hospitalizations and serious outcomes. By focusing on this is the only way that will end what is going on currently. As for this new variant, so far it has been shown to be nothing more than a cold. There are currently ZERO reported deaths in the USA, and the majority of cases being reported have been in the vaccinated.  Why are you not hearing this? The natural evolution of a pandemic show that when viruses mutate, they may become more transmissible, but are LESS dangerous.

Natural immunity has been shown to be so much better than what you are being told you need to do, which is a shot or now multiple shots. No talk about bosting your bodies ability to respond. The shot does NOT prevent infection or transmission and may only last 3 to 6 months. Natural immunity so far has been shown to possibly last years and some say a lifetime. Not only that, natural immunity can respond to multiple variants, not just one like the shot does. Natural immunity is most likely the only way we will reach herd immunity. It can NOT be achieved by a shot that does NOT prevent infection or transmission. Why are you not hearing this from the CDC, WHO or mainstream media? There are thousands of doctors talking about it but are being censored from the traditional media and social media. You can only find it if you know where to look.

Recommending shots for kids is a whole other topic. Why would you give something to a child that statistically has zero chance of death and will not prevent transmission to an adult and has a chance of seriously injuring that child. I know you are not seeing this from the mainstream. Look up myocarditis from the shot!

It is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to avoid this virus or a variant forever, so why not focus on what can be done to boost your underlying health to make yourself best able to respond WHEN it happens.

Prevention and early treatment is the key! I know this can be serious if left untreated or improperly treated, but if handled properly, it is unlikely to cause any serious outcome.

You need to have a plan. Do not wait until you are sick! Here are some basics that can be done:

  • Optimize your 25-hydroxy vit D levels. You need to get a lab test to see where you are at. Studies have shown that being between 50 and 90 ng/mL (125 to 200 nmol/L for you Canadians) can greatly reduce negative outcomes. Having a vitamin D level below 30 ng/mL also approximately doubles your risk of being hospitalized with COVID-19, Israeli researchers found. Most adults should be taking about 5000iu/day, but this can vary depending on what level you are currently at.
  • If you are obese, work on improving your BMI through diet and exercise. There are many options to help with this, but if you are stuck, reach out and I can help lead you in the right direction. Obesity is a significant risk factor for a poor outcome.
  • Zinc inside the cells can inhibit viral replication. 50 mg/day is a good recommendation, but zinc does not get into the cell easily so adding Quercetin, EGCG or Hydroxychloroquine (by prescription) is needed since they are zinc ionophores.
  • Quercetin – 500mg 2x/day
  • Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) – 400mg/day
  • Vit C – 1000-3000mg/day
  • Extra OTC’s that can be helpful– Melatonin and Niacin These can cause side effects if not taken in the right dose, so I recommend consulting a natural health practitioner for dosing based on your health history.

2 prescription Items can be added so talk to a prescribing doctor for these. Although the health agencies are discouraging their use, this is an outright lie based on the long-term safety that has been shown, the recent studies that have been done and doctors using them with great success.

  • Hydroxychloroquine – 200mg 2x/day for 5-7 days
  • Ivermectin – 0.4-0.5mg/kg/day for 5-7 days

There are two other very effective strategies that can be used. The first is nebulized hydrogen peroxide on the initial onset of symptoms. You need to use a normalized saline solution with a food grade hydrogen peroxide. PM me if you would like the recipe. The second is daily gargling and nasal irrigation of a diluted iodine solution. Studies have shown up to a 50% protection.

This virus can be deadly but does not have to be with the proper prevention and treatment. This is the only way things can possibly go back to normal.

Daniel lonquist, DC, CCST, CCWP, CFMP