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Welcome... If this is your first time here please click play for a special message from Dr. Lonquist. After watching the video below go to the sign up form on the right side of the page and enter your first name and email address to sign up for your free health and lifestyle tips.

To schedule you appointment online click here or call 970-257-9199

Want to improve your health on your own, at home? Here is a 12 Month Health and Wellness Program set in web based modules. Lose Weight, Get Fit and Reduce Stress.

This program is included at no charge with our Monthly Practice Membership. Call to find out more. 970-257-9199

Located in the heart of Grand Junction, the leading health professionals at Back to Health Wellness Center are dedicated to helping you experience better health through better living.

Combining: Skill & Expertise | Latest Technology | Revolutionary Concepts

Back to Health Wellness Center is committed to providing you affordable, advanced wellness and injury care strategies that get results. Monthly membership available to get the care you need at a low fixed fee. For those emergencies, home visits are available.

Dr. Daniel Lonquist offers an honest, no-nonsense approach to helping you achieve your health goals. He is the only Chiropractor Certified in Spinal Trauma and Certified Wellness Practitioner in Grand Junction. He has helped thousands of patients recover from automobile accident injuries, headaches, neck pain and back pain, herniated discs (using decompression therapy with the 3D Active Trac) as well as as many other debilitating conditions in his 20+ years of experience. He has also had great success in helping people cleanse their body and with medically supervised weight loss when they have struggled in the past.

It's Your Life... Live it in Health!

Dr. Daniel Lonquist
CCST, CCWP (Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner)
755 North Ave., Suite B Grand Junction, CO 81501
Grand Junction Chiropractor | Back To Health Wellness Center, LLC |  970-257-9199

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